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nubbzcummins 01-06-2013 03:26 AM

2013 hyundai accent gs speed vs mpg test
This may be a little long however may be useful to some.
Did some speed vs mpg runs tonight for any who may be curious on this particular vehicle. Here were the conditions. Car at normal weight as I drive it and half tank of fuel as to be sure it is an average weight for a tank. I used cruise control only with no eco tech except for some neutral coast in one direction on a 40 and 55 mph runs. Baro pressure was 99-100kpa, 40-42 degrees farenheit ambient, iat were 20-22 degrees farenheit above ambient temp, high humidity as it was during light rain, wipers on low, and since it was at night the lights were on. The tests were done on a stretch of highway 4.5 miles long with a good mix of rolling hills and flat areas. Hills were not steep enough to trigger dfco on the down hill portions nor go rich into open loop on the up hill runs. Going south was in general more down hill resulting the higher mpg figures. I chose to do some neutral coasting in the north or general uphill stretch as it would show a minimal effect on mpg from this tech alone. I only did neutral coast to where I would not lose speed down hill which was maybe .5 miles of the 4.5 mile run. If I did this tech in the other direction I would have even better numbers as I could coast I would guess 1.5 miles of the 4.5 mile run. I did each run twice and averaged them. They were within .2 mpg at most so fairly consistent. This was using factory installed avg mpg feature on vehicle which runs aprox 5% higher than hand calculations/actual mpg. Here are the results:
Listed as mph/direction/mpg/mpg with some neutral coast
The average mpg for each speed were:
The 45-55mph runs the car would be in gear 5-6 with more gear 6 the higher mph due to higher rpm able to hold speed vs having to downshift. The 40 mph stayed in gears 4-5 and staying in gear 5 more due to more rpm able to hold speed before downshift. The 35mph run was in gear 4-5 while mostly in gear 4 as rpm too low in 5 to hold speed on the up hill.
comments welcome.....

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