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oil pan 4 04-25-2019 11:36 AM

2018 hyundai sonata hybrid mods
Got a 2018 hyundai sonata hybrid (not a plug in I will explain at the end of the post) with pretty much all the options except for a sun roof, leather and wheels, it has the standard 16 inch wheels.
Glad it didn't have a whole in the roof, glad it didn't have leather and I already have the wheels I want for it.

The first mod is already completed, I think.
I took the 17 inch wheels off her old 2008 and put them on the 2018. Put the 16 inch wheels on the 2008. Those wheels on the 2008 are not original. I think they were all replaced as of 2014 or 2015.
I just swapped them over, no TPMS light yet.

Second mod, throw the spare tire kit in the trunk.
The hybrid does not come with a spare. You get a BS emergency tire inflation kit.

Brighter high beams. Probably install some double brightness LED 9005 highbeams.
I did 100w halogen high beams using a relay and slave relay on the old car and they work pretty good but I put double brightness LEDs in my leaf and liked it better.
The double brightness LEDs use about the same power as a standard halogen.

That's kind of it for now.

It gets 48 to 55mpg when I drive it. It scores me 7 out of 8 economy driving marks, just kind of driving it the same way I do with my leaf. Good enough for me.

I had a plug in hybrid 2016 lease turn in lined up but the stupid dealer can't tell the difference between a plug in and a regular hybrid.

oil pan 4 04-26-2019 12:25 PM

I would like to double or triple battery capacity at some point and make it plug in chargeable.
But used Li-poly batteries for these cars run about $2,000 each and only hold 2kwh.
So far the only person I can find that has charged one of these batteries with external power is a guy that took it apart and charged each cell individually.

mpg_numbers_guy 04-26-2019 01:00 PM

Could you install the battery from the plug-in model?

oil pan 4 04-26-2019 02:03 PM

Not likley.
The plug in hybrid uses a big 370 volt 10kwh battery that takes up gas tank and spare tire space.
The regular hybrid uses a 260 or 270v 2kwh battery that pretty much only takes up the spare tire hole.

oil pan 4 04-26-2019 04:50 PM

Well this thing is going to be hard to improve upon aside from charging with grid power and bigger battery.

I knew it had a 6 speed auto (not a cvt) but what I didn't know is hyundai used the electric motor to eliminate the torque converter.

Some guys took apart a hyundai battery to find it uses an off the shelf bms.
Isopack: Hyundai Sonata Hybrid battery pack teardown

Much better than nissan and their proprietary battery everything. Maybe the hyundai kona runs an off the shelf BMS and active thermal management, by by leaf.

oil pan 4 10-18-2019 10:10 PM

Drove it 340 miles at 80mph most of the way it got 40mpg.
It was getting 44mpg but the calm to no wind condition turned into a head wind.

redpoint5 10-19-2019 02:52 AM

Car salesmen seem like real estate agents to me; only good at pointing out the obvious like "this is the kitchen" or "this car is blue". Ask any questions that go deeper than the paint and you'll quickly derail.

Piotrsko 10-19-2019 10:31 AM

I'll second that. They can't even answer questions that are in the sales brochure.

Xist 10-20-2019 11:25 PM

These salesmen seemed pretty bad:

I had a briefing at Fort Leonard Wood. They showed a picture of a guy in his 50s and asked "Would you buy a car from a man like this?"

I called out "I already did! That looks like my dad!"

oil pan 4 11-26-2019 01:04 PM

Had this car go into ev mode at 92mph today.

oil pan 4 02-28-2020 12:44 AM

Did the first at home oil chage.
Oil changes are so dirty. I don't mind living with out them.
I got the Blackstone oil test sample kit to send off a sample.
Changed the oil at about 3,770 miles. The oil stunk of fuel, probably due to hybrid being too efficient for its own good.
Always turning off and often not getting up to full temperature on kind of short trips that a straight gas burner would have no problem warming up on.
I'm going to use the oil tests to figure out when I should change the oil. Might be 3,000 miles in the winter and maybe 5,000 to 7,000 in the summer.
This hybrid also has an oil to coolant heat exchanger, doesn't seem like enough.
I also installed a magnetic drain plug. Will see what it catches next change. It's barely got 11,000 miles on there so far.
Put in on a wix filter and regular flavored mobil1 5w-20 oil.
I'm going to try and find a larger filter, there is plenty of room for a bigger oil filter.

S Keith 02-28-2020 08:49 PM

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Why would you replace oil at 3770? Hyundai recommends 7500 miles.

oil pan 4 02-29-2020 12:34 AM

The oil stinks of fuel. Probably from all the short trips my wife makes to work and back.
The oil appears that it may need to be changed more often in winter when cold weather and short trips are in play.
It should be able to go all summer on this oil change.

oil pan 4 03-10-2020 09:36 AM

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Looks like changing the oil was probably a good idea.

I left some wiggle room in this oil change. I filled the oil to about 3/4 the way up the full mark, in a few thousand miles I will add the last half quart or less in as 10w-30.

aerohead 03-11-2020 12:41 PM

Blackstone Labs
That's very cool! In the Air Force,crew chiefs pulled oils samples every time a plane landed,for shipment to Wright Patterson AFB,where the lab would do what Blackstone is doing.With the data,they could more accurately predict when major engine service would actually be necessary.Glad you dodged a bullet on oil thinning.:thumbup:

oil pan 4 03-11-2020 12:49 PM

Yeah my job pulled oil from the oil servicing carts to make sure the oil was nice and clean before it went back out and to make sure some dummy didn't fill the fresh oil up with used oil, which I saw happen at least a dozen times in 11 years.

redneck 03-11-2020 01:04 PM


I wonder if excessive fuel dilution is due to enriched fueling during warmup since it doesn’t run all the time and may cool in between being called upon to run.

You may want to buy a air fuel ratio gauge to see what’s going on. It may have a bad injector or not coming out of enrichment. Cheaper than a new motor.


oil pan 4 03-11-2020 01:19 PM

Enriched fuel for warm up to get the catalyst going is very likey too. During the winter this car will drive around town with barely 3 temperature bars, which is no where near full operating temperature.

So for next winter I'm thinking grille block at the very least.
But I have to keep the high voltage electronics and motor coolant at winter temperatures if possible.

Vman455 03-11-2020 10:41 PM


Originally Posted by oil pan 4 (Post 618727)
Enriched fuel for warm up to get the catalyst going is very likey too. During the winter this car will drive around town with barely 3 temperature bars, which is no where near full operating temperature.

So for next winter I'm thinking grille block at the very least.
But I have to keep the high voltage electronics and motor coolant at winter temperatures if possible.

Maybe some sort of thermal layer or blanket for the block; retaining that heat in the engine could help keep the inverter cooler too. I've been tossing the idea around for my car, and found this person who did it on an Insight. BMW also experimented with an engine jacket a few years ago that they claimed kept the block above ambient for up to 12 hours after shutdown.

oil pan 4 04-14-2020 12:35 PM

Its been 1,000 miles since the last oil change, about 7 weeks ago and the car is doing 42mpg with out even trying. I have been trying to sabotage the fuel economy when I drive it. I will put it in sport mode to run the engine more and get it to warm up all the way.

oil pan 4 05-14-2020 01:36 AM

It did right at 40mpg going 250 miles at 75mph from lockdown land of the oppressed to Lubbock and back.
We dropped major coin in Texas because they're open and we're still working.
Might do it again this weekend. I feel bad for people trapped in the middle of this vast empty state.

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