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jamessw 10-29-2008 05:25 AM

The 400 mile/tank goal
I'm new here, I used to have a 1 litre Opel Corsa and achieve 400 miles to a tank quite regularly after switching driving habits, which I was quite happy with. However, i've moved to a slightly larger car ( Suzuki Ignis a.k.a. chevrolet/holden cruze ) and although it's fuel tank is only a few litres smaller, I am currently maxing out at around 350 miles per tank using the same better driving habits as I adopted in the corsa.

My aim here, hell or high water, is to drag 400 miles kicking and screaming out of this car's tank on a monthly basis whether it likes it or not :turtle:

My name's James - from Blighty, and i'll be reading / posting / antagonising and weeping over mpg results whenever possible.

Nice to see you all; and to see some people determined more on economy rather than speed.

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