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me and my metro 08-16-2008 11:14 PM

54.2 after lowering car, 4 mpg gain
This the best tank ever for this car. I installed LSi headlights, added a factory right mirror,( step back probably but it was on the LSi parts car ). I also lowered the car alot. I cut 1.25 coils up front and 1.5 coils in back. This dropped the car about 2.5 to 3 inches, it now looks like it should. The tires are a little bit lower than the center of the wheel wells. I bought an extra 3.79 ratio trans and a bearing and seal kit plus one syncro ring. So with the two trannys maybe I can build one this weekend. The overhaul manual on printed out great, just like a factory manual. I also have a complete lower grill block. No more guppy mouth, car stays cool even on 100 degree days like today. I will report more success after the tranny change, then the cam. Cheers

cfg83 08-17-2008 01:16 AM

me and my metro -

Amazing stuff! Do you have some pictures?


me and my metro 08-17-2008 01:55 AM

I will take some. It is a very green 4 door.

Big Dave 08-17-2008 09:35 AM

This is consistent with my experience. A 4% reduction in height on my truck esulted ina 4% increase in MPG. Metros are just more sensitive to such things and you got 8%.

Will 08-17-2008 10:09 AM

me and my metro-

Whole lot of good work. I can't wait to see the pics.

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me and my metro 08-17-2008 01:48 PM

Some pics
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Sorry it is dirty, we had rain and thunderstorms overnight. Yes it needs some body work but as a mechanic this may be good enough, it runs great. Now out to the shop and get into that tranny. I will take better pics later, my daughter has the cord for the good digital camera ( had to use the old Kodak 1 meg ).

Hacksaw 08-17-2008 06:23 PM

Very Green...
They call it Tropical Green Metallic...same as mine. I kinda like reminds me of all the money I'm saving and being "green" seems to be all the rage these days. I'm not tryin' to save the world, just what little money I have...

Not bad mileage, me and my metro, not bad at all...keep up the good work.


Will 08-17-2008 06:27 PM

I like the new "stance". I have also been curious to see more of the 4 door Metros. I have never owned one.

MetroMPG 08-17-2008 08:42 PM

Great job. I like the way it looks - and agree with you that it looks as it "should" now. I've always thought the 95+ cars sat a bit too high.

And now for the question I ask everybody who's done this to their Metro: how's the ride? (And, are you used to lowered suspension, or is this your first lowered car?... just to put your answer in perspective :))

I plan to do an A-B-A test of lowering my car this year before we run out of good weather.

me and my metro 08-17-2008 09:38 PM

It has less travel of course. I cut 1/3 of the front bump stop off and 1/2 of the rear stop. I cut a slot in the front spring seat and used a small diameter hose clamp to hold the spring in position when the suspension unloads. The rears stay where they belong. The car will hit the stops if driven aggressively over bumps. The stock springs are a little too soft for this length. I don't mind the ride, just have to be a little careful. I would recommend this to everyone.

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