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euromodder 11-18-2018 12:38 PM

680HP & 850Nm, but it'll coast engine off !
The upcoming Audi RS7 is greenwashing at its worst.

Mild hybrid
Coasting with engine shut off

Makes you wonder why Audi doesn't do so in its entire car range ...

But then, those ordinary cars don't have up to a silly 680 HP & 850 Nm of torque - those are numbers that will shame quite a few heavy trucks & semis !

In German:

slowmover 11-18-2018 01:05 PM

I recently got out of a semi that was

2050 TQ

Most American big trucks are in excess of 2200 NM.

I suggest you have a look at Volvo’s latest.

My Eaton UltraShift also coasts on Neutral on a downslope.

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