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superchow 02-02-2010 04:29 PM

8th Gen. Civic manual defrost A/C control
So it was bugging me that the A/C compressor would come on every time I turn the ventilation to the defrost or defrost/feet position. I understand the reasoning, as the dehumidification helps clear the windshield faster. (Very useful in rainy western Washington.) But I like these setting also for when it isn't raining...

Turns out that these is a set of procedures that can give the driver the manual control over when the compressor comes on and when not. I have tried these procedures and it works very well in my '07 Civic, but I cannot guarantee this working for everybody.


Step 1: Turn the ignition switch to the ON position (you do NOT have to start the engine).

Step 2: Turn the fan knob to the OFF position.

Step 3: Switch to the FACE ONLY vent mode.

Step 4: Turn the temp knob to the COLDEST setting.

Step 5: Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position.

Step 6: Hold down the RECIRCULATION and A/C buttons simultaneously.

Step 7: While holding those two buttons, turn the ignition switch to the ON position again.

Step 8: Keep holding the buttons, and the yellow light on the RECIRCULATION button will begin to flash after a few seconds.

Step 9: Keep holding them down until the yellow light stops flashing/goes solid, then release them.

Step 10: Test it: Turn the fan back on. With the radio off and the fan on the lowest setting, switch to either DEFROST mode and listen carefully for the condenser fan to kick on. Now, push the A/C button. You should hear the condenser fan shut off, which means the hack was successful. If it doesn't shut off, then something wasn't done correctly.
Good luck! :thumbup:

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