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gone.s 11-02-2011 09:53 PM

'95 Civic dx coupe, $850, Mid atlantic
I haven't been real active on the forum here but thought someone here might like this. I bought this about 5 years ago. It my current daily commuting car. It's tired and needs an engine. It runs fine but burns oil. Orig owner wasn't big on oil changes. It still gets a consistent 38-40 mpg day in day out for me. Over 40 on highway. Just driving easy not hypermiling. It would make great project for a high MPG car for someone with a little energy. It's located outside of Baltimore, Md. I was going to keep the rack but can work something out for the right buyer.
'95 Civic DX, 5 spd, 16 valve 1.5 d15b7. 170k, pacesetter header, high flow cat,exhaust are only mods. in the last 50k I've tuned, adjusted valves, timing belt, motor mounts, brakes last year all around, new radiator and battery.

Steaming 12-01-2011 06:53 PM

I may be interested if I can get it to run long enough to get it down to VA

gone.s 12-02-2011 09:58 PM


Originally Posted by Steaming (Post 272675)
I may be interested if I can get it to run long enough to get it down to VA

It's running fine. Just has piston slap on cold mornings and won't pass emissions here. I drive it to work everyday. I drove it to NORVA a couple of weeks ago.
I think I have a buyer for it and will know for sure in a week or so. That person intends to drive it to NC and then replace the engine. If he doesn't buy it I'll let you know.

gone.s 12-30-2011 01:32 AM

The person who was going to buy this was not able to. His company is moving him. So it's still for sale and I need to move it. $650 cash and it's yours. I had to take the tags off today as my emissions exemption expired. It's going on CL next week.

gone.s 01-11-2012 10:53 PM

This car has been SOLD locally. Thanks for looking!

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