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lumpy 07-20-2008 02:55 PM

'97 Cavalier project: Little Red
Hello everyone! I joined here a week or so ago and didn't do more than an introduction, but now that I'm back I can get this ball rolling. So here's the rundown: I'm a high school senior, and unfortunately in the suburban area where I live my school and workplace are both too impractical to bike to (I have sports equipment and other stuff to carry around), thus I drive. Where I normally drive there is a lot of variation in the distances between stoplights, so it's hard to estimate how much highway/city driving I actually do.

My car is a '97 Cavalier with 132k miles. It's the 2200, and I believe it has the 3-speed tranny. I got ~30 miles per gallon prior to doing anything, and I drive with the windows down. I don't use the A/C. So far all I've done is remove the antenna and remove the front fender mud shields. I know there is still a lot of potential with this car, so I'm here for expert ideas and opinions.

Here are a few things I'm thinking about:

-Some kind of instrumentation
-Removing the air dam below the radiator
-Improving the intake somehow (I still haven't found where the air comes in from)
-Anything else that will raise mileage for comparatively reasonable cost

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