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Don Gannon 06-03-2018 03:37 PM

'98 Ranger XLt
Hi All,
I have a '98 Ranger XLT that is ready to be converted. So far I have a Warp 9 and most of the parts for P&S Controller. Had a set of batteries, but discovered they were hopelessly undersized for my needs. Unloaded them at a profit to a local ebike shop. Am looking at a 40kw lifepo4 pack now at 120/144v. We will see what the wallet can afford nearer the end of the build.

I have a pretty good grip on what I need to do to get 'er done. What is baffling me is the dashboard. There is so much cr*p behind there relating to the ICE. Same with the computer. Can I just sell that thing along with the ICE and it's accessories? Can I just rip out all those harnesses and run my own point to point thru the fuse box? Remote locks and alarms are already trashed. Thank goodness my model had crank windows. But still. That harness to the driver door is HUGE.

Having spent several years in the US Navy as Machinist Mate operating and later supervising the operation of the main propulsion system of several FF1052 class ships, I feel very confident in the successful completion of this project.

I would be very grateful for a mentor that has done a late 90's Ranger...

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