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aerohead 11-22-2008 02:35 PM

aero photos link
Yesterday I went fishing for a Cd for the Oldsmobile AEROTECH for "Cd".I GOOGLED aerotech drag coefficient and a site came up with photos and drag coefficients.The site is Fuel-Efficient Vehicles-Now! I'd transfer the link if I knew how.Sorry! The site was new to me and is worth a look.And I think they are looking for contributors,so for you that know how,this might be a worthwhile focus for a little energy.May the Force-reduction be with you!,Phil

NeilBlanchard 11-22-2008 04:36 PM


They need to add the Aptera 2e at 0.15Cd.

fanamingo 11-23-2008 10:30 AM

Nice. Thanks for posting!

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