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RandomFact314 07-24-2009 06:25 PM

The aerodynamics program
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Hey, what is that program you guys use to see the aerodynamics on the car? *Look at picture*

At Discount Tire, Custom Wheels, Truck & Car Rims | Discount Tire if you scroll to the bottom it has a place to look at your car with different rims with different sizes, you can pick your exact car and what color. It could possibly be good for a perfectly side view of your car for this program... Under are some pics of what they give you.

cfg83 07-24-2009 08:45 PM

RandomFact314 -

I've done the same with car pictures. I agree that these are excellent side views of your car. However, the flow illustrator program has limited computing capacity, so you should "downgrade" the image to be a black and white pixel silhouette at 256x128 pixels.

Here is a 1989 CRX from tirerack :

After lots of massaging steps, I get this :

The above image is a GIF for viewing on this thread, but it should be submitted as a Windows Bitmap to the flow illustrator program. This picture is in reference to this thread :


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