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oil pan 4 10-11-2012 07:15 PM

Aircraft air intake temperature probe
I bought an intake temperature gauge and sender off ebay about a month ago.
Time to wire this bad boy up and get some numbers.

I am looking forward to getting some intercooled and non intercooled boost numbers on the suburban.

Problem is the gauge has 3 wires coming out of it and the probe has 2 wires.
One wire on the gauge has a daisy chained solderless connector still attached, I'm thinking that wire went to ground and was one of a cluster of instumentation lighting grounds.

My guess on the gauge is there is 1 power wire, a ground wire to the light inside the gauge and the remaining wire goes to the sender.
If I find the power wire to the light ground wire it would test about 1ohm, the power through instumentation circuit would read 10s to 100s of ohms.

The sender should be easy, one wire to ground and the other to the gauge, shouldn't really matter which wire goes where. If I could find more of these senders I could wire them into the one gauge and get different temperature numbers from different points in the air intake system with the turn of a switch.

How does all that sound?
I don't want to fry a $80 gauge.

I know its a gauge for a 24v system, that is not a problem for me.

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