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analogmanca 03-09-2013 08:40 PM

Alberta, Canada 2013 F150 NA 3.7 engine,6 gears with a 3.55 rear gear
I am a few weeks away from receiving this truck. I will need advice on what all I can do with it, I am not in a hurry, rather will do one mod at a time.
I will just read the posts for now and see what all I can find, If anyone knows of any relevant threads, please point them out, I did find one thread on a F150, but it wasnt on any mods rather just comments on how it comes stock.
Maybe there is someone on here who has already done some work on this type of truck.

Frank Lee 03-09-2013 11:01 PM

I hope you can beat my F150!

analogmanca 03-09-2013 11:39 PM


Originally Posted by Frank Lee (Post 360539)
I hope you can beat my F150!

Frank Lee, I looked at your stats on your ford, and that is bad.....And I dont really understand why as you have 3.31 rear end and 55mphr at 1500 rpms sounds good to me.
I better beat that!

analogmanca 05-06-2013 02:22 AM

I have been driving my truck for a couple weeks now, just about through my third tank. first tank was 13 L per 100 km, second was 12.7 per 100km My driving is 15 to 20 percent city, the rest hiway. Sticker says 12.5 city, and 8.7 hiway. I am not even close to those numbers.
I accelerate slowly, always slow down well before lights, and stops, and am not speeding, my hiway cruse speed is 105km/hr usually. I drop it back a bit if trafic is light.

Frank Lee 05-06-2013 02:44 AM

The ol' girl gets collector plates this year and she's still tough to beat...

analogmanca 05-06-2013 09:54 AM

Its not great, I knew I wouldnt hit the advertized numbers but I thought I would be a little closer. This is my starting point, I will see what I can do with it.
I did try to order it with the 3.3 gear for the rear end but they wouldnt sell it with that gear unless I went to the larger engine.

War_Wagon 05-06-2013 11:57 AM

Give it a bit of time to break in and loosen up. You might see an improvement just from that in a few 1000 kms. Also, what have the outside temperatures been like for the last few tanks?

analogmanca 05-06-2013 07:21 PM

This third tank I am finishing has been mostly warm, in fact +31 today, the other two tanks were 4 to 15 C or there about.

star_deceiver 05-06-2013 10:39 PM

Wind direction will play a huge factor... and you're still driving waaay too fast to achieve Transport Canada numbers (or are those Ford numbers)! Keep it under 90km/h and you may break 10L/100kms.

Having a Fuelly account will help you keep better track of your numbers. You can even have it in your sig if you choose.

My numbers are all over the board... mind you, I drive like your typical Albertan... :D

analogmanca 05-09-2013 08:18 AM

Third tank, 805.4 km 96.27 liters burnt up, 11.95 L per 100km

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