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JohnNeiferd 09-16-2009 12:08 PM

All default values for MPGuino?
I was wondering if someone could post all the default values the pre-assembled MPGuino ships with. The most important ones I need are InjTrg 0-Dn 1-Up, VSS Delay ms, Injector DelayuS, and Timout, but all of them would be useful. The reason why I need them is below.

I was installing Audiovox CCS-100 cruise control in my 1993 Geo Metro so I had to mess around with my VSS signal. It would always fluctuate randomly jumping from 55mph (actual speed) all the way up to 80mph and sometimes down to 5mph. I was experimenting and put a RF choke on all wires going to the MPGuino and I installed a 10k resistor inline with the VSS wire going to the MPGuino to try to cut down on radio frequency if that was the problem. Well it was working fine at first but then it messed up and all the defaults values seem to be corrupted so that everything displays zero on the screen. I'm still a novice on the MPGuino but I believe this is because the VSS delay and injector delay values are extremely high. This is why I need the default values, so I can get it working again.

baddriver 09-16-2009 01:24 PM

from mpguino.pde - opengauge - Project Hosting on Google Code


unsigned long parms[]={95ul,8208ul,500000000ul,3ul,420000000ul,10300ul, 500ul,2400ul,0ul,2ul};//default values

char * parmLabels[]={"Contrast","VSS Pulses/Mile", "MicroSec/Gallon","Pulses/2 revs","Timout(microSec)","Tank Gal * 1000","Injector DelayuS","Weight (lbs)","Scratchpad(odo?)","VSS Delay ms"};

dcb 09-16-2009 01:24 PM

FYI the latest source for the prebuilt is at:

Here are the default values from there:
PHP Code:

unsigned long  parms[]={55ul,8208ul,500000000ul,3ul,420000000ul,10300ul,500ul,2400ul,0ul,2ul,0ul};//default values
char *  parmLabels[]={"Contrast","VSS Pulses/Mile""MicroSec/Gallon","Pulses/2 revs","Timout(microSec)","Tank Gal * 1000","Injector DelayuS","Weight (lbs)","Scratchpad(odo?)","VSS Delay ms","InjTrg 0-Dn 1-Up"}; 

Let me know if that makes sense or if it needs cleanup.

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