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superchow 06-18-2008 03:30 AM

Alternative Measure of Efficiency?
This has been plaguing me since the Lacey, WA MPG Rally in which I participated. The best hypermilers were also some of the slowest. Nothing wrong with that, but sometimes averaging less than 30 mph does not offset the gain of arriving at your destination in half the time.

This became all too aparent to me when driving to Wyoming from western Washington. A 900 mile drive (yes in one day) that would take 15 hours @ 60 mph average speed would take 18 hours if one is 10 mph on average slower.

Now, I doubt that anyone would argue that three hours is not an insignificant amount of time in which one could be sipping a cold one while watching the Godfather with the in-laws while your "alter-ego" is still saving the planet on the US highways. But I digress... :D

Do we need a different measure of efficiency in which we take speed into account? MPG per MPH? What's the general consensus here? :thumbup:

Daox 06-18-2008 07:03 AM

I don't really think we need to take it into account. Most of the fuel logs here are people's daily drives to work. That is what most of mine are as well. I take the highway in about 37 miles one way, so I have a longer drive than most. This stops me from slowing down too much to avoid a super long drive. Even with that, I'm still getting 65% above EPA. Long drives are a real life obstacle that you will overcome however you deem fit.

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