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c10 02-12-2011 10:06 PM

Am I just lucky with my MPG's
I have been reading many posts/threads and see great millage from cars/trucks i would not expect . However i see a few cars that are getting far less than my new truck .

2010 Chevy Colorado reg cab . 2.9 L / 5 speed stick / 3.73 gears OEM .

My best to date is 33.46 mixed driving , while avg is about 27/28 . My lowest mpg was 24 .

Mods are 41 psi in tires , some weight reduction 60 pounds approx , muffler ( flow improvements) intake ( owner made ) removal of mast antenna , passenger windshield wiper ,

I haven't even received my bed cover yet so I really want to see the gain from that .

I drive with a light foot , along with some netural costing when i can . Watching lights to keep time .

So is it just my driving style or my mods getting the mpg's on this new truck .

sid 02-12-2011 10:52 PM

No, your mpg is comparable with mine. I only have a 2.3 l, but with 4.10 gears, extended cab, and a typical full size topper.

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