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bandit86 03-08-2011 10:18 AM

any electronic hot air intakes?
I thought last night that a simple temp sensor controlling a servo motor connected to a flap, with a duct to the exhaust manifold could provide on demand hot air right from when the vehicle is turned on, and as the engine warmed and then the servo could close in varying degrees to keep the intake air at 140 or so. might be able to do it with a simple bi-metal thermostat too.

I remember some older cars having vacum controls for similar function, there was a a temp controlled vacuum switch in the air filter that could be used to pull a door open or closed as the engine warmed. I'm pretty sure I saw something on a big old carburated chev v8 caprice.

I was thinking electronic because with programmed slower reaction time it would not open and close every time you shift, I dont know, just an idea

DonR 03-08-2011 01:09 PM

The vaccum operated systems on most carburated engines was designed to keep the intake air at a constant temperature. This way the air had some consistancies flowing throught he carb.

A servo/stepper motor should control the mixing valve easily enough. Even though I have no idea how to set up a controller

One thing everyone who uses a WAI says is that power is reduced. If you tie into the throttle position sensor you could have the valve go full cold at a designated position. This would provide a few more ponies (close to stock) when absolutely needed.


bandit86 03-08-2011 10:05 PM

i found a mazda rx7 setup on the internet, supposed to run full warm air diversion untill the engine warms and then close, and supposedly open while cold but at WOT. If it does sit in the airbox then I will try to transplant it. I dont know what controls it but if I can find it i will put it upstream of the air filter where room permits.

stovie 03-09-2011 02:33 AM

from what i understand about intake temperatures and FE they say that as a general rule that if you decrease the air intake temperature 60 degrees then the exhaust temperature is then decreased by 200 degrees and from what i understand you'll get better fuel economy because the ecu can lean out the fuel more because it's not producing as much NOx witch also adds to more power cause the engine is dealing with lower temperature air from the start so it expands more then it originally did

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