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wainair 08-09-2012 03:57 PM

Anyone ride the 2012 Zero DS?
I read about Zero a few years ago and thought they were heading in the right direction but I was hoping for more range. Well I tripped over some articles on the internet about the 2012 Zero DS(dual sport) and it looks like they really have improved on their first generation bikes and now have a more useable range! Though they are still in the range of a commuter bike and not a long range cruiser with a 60-100 mile range.

They are expensive, at $11500 for the 6kw bike and nearly $14000 for the 9kw you are paying to ride the leading edge of technology for sure and really that is no worse than buying a GS BMW, But I was wondering if anyone has had the opportunity to ride one? I was seriously considering selling my NT-400 and saving up to buy one next year and I'd love to hear some riders impressions of the bike. I live in good riding country so the 9kw model is well within my normal riding range. I'm really not a long range rider and I've wanted a dual sport for years now.

If anyone's had a chance to ride one I'd love to hear their impressions of the bike!

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