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Nerys 08-19-2011 04:18 PM

Anyone used FUEL LOG for Android?
I have fuel log installed on my phone. Seems like a nice app.

I am trying to IMPORT my ecomodder data into it.

has anyone tried or done this? how did you do it? ie how did you format the CSV (I copied the spreadsheet friendly file and replaced all the even space values between entries with a comma so now I have something like this

2009-11-14,395,8.5,$2.41,46.47,The Usual
2009-11-22,361,7.8,$2.42,46.28,The Usual
2009-11-25,376,8,$2.39,47,The Usual
2009-11-28,437.8,9.2,$2.43,47.59,The Usual
2009-12-03,367.4,7.9,$2.45,46.51,The Usual
2009-12-08,380,8.06,$2.39,47.15,The Usual

anyone done this? any help would be appreciated.

is there software that can READ a CSV and help with reordering values adding and removing things from values etc.. ?? ie read a basic CSV and help you build a more structured CSV ??

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