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Zyzzyx 11-19-2009 11:29 PM

A'right, time to try this stuff out a bit - '99 Audi A4 Avant
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For awhile now I've been tweaking the nut behind the wheel, changing how I drive. Not up to full hypermiling levels, but am very careful about driving smooth and easy; I've been able to get better mileage around town than on the highway.

EPA average rating is 24mpg, I've been getting an overall average of 26.7. Not so great, but I've been fairly pleased with it. The Audi is a 3300lb car, all wheel drive, with a 1.8L turbo and 5 speed stick. Most of the time I keep the turbo off boost, but there are the few times when needed or just because I can.

My plan is to do some of the basic aero mods, especially to help with highway mileage as the car is mostly used for road trips now. Looking initially at some grill blocks, and maybe completing a belly pan. It already has a fairly good factory belly pan from the bumper to the front axles. Also want to try some zigzag tape, been reading here about that.

I am limiting myself quite a bit though as I want to keep the mods stealthed in. I really love the way the car looks now, so it won't get things like skirts or wheel discs. I dunno, I may change my stance on that. Have to wait and see.

I've read through a couple of the long threads the last couple days. Don't remember the owners, but of the white Honda (not basjoos) and the blue XA. Good stuff, looks like a good community around here.

mcrews 11-20-2009 02:51 AM

Smart move to adjust the 'nut' first!!:thumbup::thumbup::cool:
I have a02Infiniti Q45 and have been improving my driving over the last several yrs. the Q has an onboard mpg screen that has been a great help.
My daughters boyfriend just got a 99 A4 1.8 4 door.....don't think it has onboard mpg...does the Avant?:confused:
I also hear what you are sayinh about the stealth look. Look at the temp grille block I did w/ clear plastic. It made me a believer!

Also, I think your A4 has abs under pans. I 'tested' smothing uot the ones on the Q and got good results so far. My goal is to hit 31-34 mpg on my next cross country trip in feb 2010. I have gotten 26mpg avg 69mph oover 1700 mile last yr. that was just by driving better.
You have to realize that some mods, like removing the roof rack can be done cleanly.......we're not going to make you run a boattail tomorrow......;)

Zyzzyx 11-20-2009 03:42 PM

Thankfully the roof rack doesn't have any crossbars on it, just the factory rails. Unfortunately its a bit of a pain to remove, as the headliner has to come off to access the bolts for it.

Good chance I'll try a clear grill block, or maybe some smooth black plastic might not look too bad. The factory front belly pan is a bit convoluted, actually has some NACA style ducting at the back end of it, figure that's to draw air along from the engine bay. Been looking at an aftermarket belly pan for the front that's made of 1/8" aluminum, the main idea being extra protection for the oil pan, especially on lowered vehicles like mine (less than 4" ground clearance up front).

The in-dash computer was an option on this era A4, and not installed on my car. Thus I'll be stopping by a local RV dealer after work today to pick up a ScanGauge; they're listed as a retailer from the ScanGauge site. I'm willing to pay a little bit more and support a local business than save a couple $$ and buy onlnie. Probably be spending some time this weekend playing with it, doing some baseline tests.

mcrews 11-20-2009 11:43 PM

i posted a thread on spray paint that is factory matched. Might help with a more stealthy look.
What did u do to lower the A4?

how much drop from factory hieght?

I tried lowering springs on the Q for about a yr. just could put up with the lose of travel in the susupension. went back to stock.

Zyzzyx 11-20-2009 11:50 PM

Suspension bits are H&R springs and Bilstein shocks with step-adjustable height. The shock bodies have five different grooves to accept a circlip ring to set the height for the spring perch. I've got 'em one up from lowest. Dropped it about 1.5-1.75" from factory. IMO it looks 'proper' now. Especially with 17" wheels instead of the stock 15"s. With the stock quattro 'rally' ride height and the 15s... ugh.

My ride is a little bit stiffer, but that's mostly the shocks. The springs are same length as factory, and are a progessive wind. I only notice the decrease in ride quality on the roughest roads. Or really bad expansion joints.


In other news, stopped by and picked up the ScanGauge tonight. Hooked it up and just got back from ~100 miles of playing around with it. (that, and I was in the mood for a drive anyway)

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