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MetroMPG 03-06-2008 10:22 AM

Article: the 10 cheapest cars in the world
From Forbes online via ABG ...

This is marginally related to efficiency, since most cheap cars are also small and light, with small, relatively efficient engines.

And there seems to be some correlation between ecomodding and not blowing a giant wad of cash on a car. One of the reasons may be that it's psychologically easier to start modding something that hasn't broken the bank to begin with.

Apparently the automakers agree, because the #10 car on this list is the Logan, which Renault modded into an efficiency monster.

Of course, the #1 car on the list is the Tata Nano, sporting what appears to be a glassy paint job that looks like it's worth a significant portion of the list price ;) .


"They are cars, but they are a step up from a motorcycle," says George Magliano, director of automotive-industry research for North America at Global Insights, a market research firm. For many, though, "It is the difference between walking and driving a car."
The cars:

For a slide show and more details of each car, see the Forbes article or the ABG posts.

Tata Nano
4-Door Hatchback
Distributed In India
98,094 Rupees; $2,497

Chery QQ
Distributed In China
34,499 yuan; $4,781

Suzuki Maruti 800
5-Door Hatchback
Distributed In India
195,000 Rupees; $4,994

Geely MR
Distributed In China39,902 Yuan; $5,500

Geely HQ SRV
Distributed In China
41,933 Yuan; $5,780

Chery A1
Distributed In China
53,673 Yuan; $7,394

Tata Indica
Distributed In India
349,423 Rupees; $8,894

Hyundai I10
Distributed In India
355,438 Rupees; $9,096

Fiat Palio
Distributed In India
362,994 Rupees; $9,242

Renault Logan
Distributed In India
6,400 Euro; $9,477

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