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Coyote X 01-14-2011 12:40 AM

Astro Grille Block
I am tired of the van never warming up and at best reaching 160 degrees this winter. A grille block is the best way to deal with this as well as maybe even actually helping mileage out a bit. So I made one but I need to be able to take it off so I won't overheat when I have to haul heavy loads. I made it out of vinyl that I sewed the edges over and put grommets on each corner. I have it on there with a bit of rope for now but I will probably use some bungee cords when I get a few more of them that don't have plastic ends so they fit under the hood.

For about 30 minutes worth of work it isn't bad. When I get a better way to hold it down I can get it square over the grille and it will be almost invisible.

I really don't see it helping the mileage much since aerodynamically that thing is a huge square block but it might help a bit. I know the mileage will get better with a warmer engine though.

I also am trying only 20% bio to help the thing run. I guess when the weather stays around 32 degrees bio isn't working out. But if this cover keeps it warmer I might try going a bit more. It has been cold enough I haven't felt like making any bio so does anyone here have experience with just mixing some straight veggie oil in the fuel when it is around 32 degrees average?

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