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sawickm 05-07-2010 09:11 AM

ATmega168 Processor Speed ???
Looking at the Wiki’s current BOM I’ve noticed that it still references the “ATmega8” processor.

On this forum and on Paul’s website it shows the current use of a ATmega168 for the Cougar Controller. What is the actual ATmega168 part number currently being used ? Processor speed ??? ATmega168-20PU or 10PU ???

Also, for the new synchronous rectification controller what processor is being used a ATmega168, AT90PWM3B, or dsPIC ???

Anyone know the status of the new synchronous rectification controller ???


MPaulHolmes 05-08-2010 11:20 AM

ATmega168-20PU (I think that means it can go up to 20 MHz)

SR controller uses dsPIC30F4011.
The status is, the board is done, but not fabbed. Here's the dilemma... I want to get Eagle, so ordering boards can be done much cheaper, but it's $1000. Ordering boards from the free software company is really expensive, and the other company that will let me order from them, needs a bunch of screen shots of the pcb to be able to write it in their own pcb editor I think. I just need to do that.

The point is, the board is just sitting there bored! hahaha.

I have a fully assembled control board from the first SR controller that won't work, because I used the wrong type of DC-DC converter for the high side drive. I've tested the VLA-15151 DC-DC as a high side power supply for the charger, and it works great.

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