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Thorium-Synfuel 10-29-2019 12:47 AM

Automated pulse and glide
Before looking into this in a completely manual iteration to produce a system that repeats a motion on the pedals, in unison with engine kill switch and while there are drive- by-wire cars which make this a lot less clunky.

Could the forum chip in on the neatest implications of the former, they've come across?

As a repetitive task, of pulse and gliding while you keep the lane/use smartphone software to, has the potential to turn long straight commutes on highways, in older cars, into hyper miling arenas to rival the well-to- wheel efficiency of EV cars, charged on fossil fuel heavy grids.

To start off with, the pulse and glide system would just repeat the task at low speeds, for safety reasons, though once it proves dependable and all the creases are ironed out, as it is in the dark, the vehicle can begin to operated as intended, taken up to speed and activated, it would simply repeat the motion at that speed, that we all otherwise do with our legs.

an arduino controlling a pneumatic acuator, instead of electric motor servos, to get that important quick clutch-pedal-disconnecting, is what I'm brainstorming directly on at least that pedal, as what I'm considering perhaps as essential...though wonder if there are anyone out there with a sweeeter and less clunky [in the engine bay ideally] expression of the idea of automated pulse and glide, floating round in the heads of any forum posters? To take the monotony out of pulse and glide for a combined 3 hrs a day commute?

For vehicles that aren't drive-by-wire as standard.

Probably the most familarvto everyone, is Grant from mythbusters who has some online videos of cars driven by remote, with shots of the pedal actuators, though all of us in the pulse and glide community are more interested in easily disengaged-back-to-manual driving control. With a kit that could be bolted to the car seat sled, as something that everyone could buy on ebay or something.

Saving millions on gas for the world.

There are plenty of "arduino teach robot arm" videos online with higher torque motors but overall the principle is the same. The system repeats your movements, forever.

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