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Daox 07-07-2008 06:59 PM

Back from vacation
Well, after 3400 miles of pleasant cruising I'm back. Mileage was surprisingly good. I'm really glad I had the belly pan on for this trip. We drove from Milwaukee, Wisconsin out to Yellowstone area and worked our way back seeing the beautiful sights. I drove a good part of the trip (we took the Matrix) and 3 others also participated. We averaged 37.1 mpg over the 3400 miles traveled, and thats even with the high 75 mph speed limits out there. The worst of it was the initial trip out there. 1000 miles and a good third of it was straight into 30+ mph winds. That gave me a wonderful 30.5 mpg tank. However, the rest of the trip redeemed the mileage with a few tanks over 40 and a few in the high 30s.

Arminius 07-07-2008 07:10 PM

Good to have you back. Hopefully you were able to teach the others about the importance of driving technique, too.

SVOboy 07-07-2008 08:25 PM

Tim's home!

johnpr 07-07-2008 10:10 PM

happy you had a good trip, i just returned to appleton from southern wyoming, that was a long trip.

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