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freebeard 03-29-2022 05:29 PM

Bernoulli And The Wind Wall
I found this interesting:
Bernoulli And The Wind Wall

I can see situations like a garden wall, where harvesting from the ground effect could be useful. No masts or towers to build. I know the wind through the breezeway to my carport is significant.

As for his statement that 100 ducts for the individual fans would be onerous, I say use sheet metal and a dimple die.

Piotrsko 03-30-2022 10:04 AM

The fans already have a venturi, you might just need to extend the pipe (throat []) but that would take a 2 stage die or some sort of hole put into the sheet to start with and a 20 + ton press. Blade design is horribly inefficient for turning windspeed into torque because they are generally a highly undercambered airfoil so you are using only part of the face of the blade. Proper selection of fan unit is required. Additional issue with cost: 100 fans @ $10 ea is a grand less shipping and taxes assuming you can get them for that price.

Engineering this to actually work is way past my old pay grade by a factor of ten

freebeard 03-30-2022 10:49 AM

That's reasonable. I saw the potential expense, and assume $1-2ea used from an electronics recycler. One of my concerns is that PC fans aren't waterproof enough for outdoor use.

As for the blade design, maybe follow for a 3D printable design.

The main point for me was a design that works in the wind shadows near the ground. Here's another video by Murray-Smith that addresses the same issue:

1478 The American Style Wind Pump - The Best Turbine For Home Generation?

Piotrsko 03-30-2022 01:54 PM

Imho, for you, the best bet would be a re motored 20" box fan arrainged into a wall. Dc brushed small PM motors are cheapish and available salvage as would be car alternaors. I wouldn't expect much wattage output, however unless your area is 20 mph windy.

aerohead 04-04-2022 01:29 PM

muffin fans
I suspect that modern wind turbines are designed the way they are because, the designers have specialized knowledge about harvesting power from the wind. In all respects.
It's quite possible that, as soon as a load were applied to the muffin-fan-esque 'turbines,' that they'd simply stop turning.

freebeard 04-04-2022 01:43 PM

The actual video states the camber of the blades is inadequate.

aerohead 04-04-2022 02:18 PM

I wouldn't limit it to camber.

freebeard 04-04-2022 02:27 PM

Agreed that they're not waterproof.

There needs to be a solution that doesn't require centralization and massive towers.

Richard P. Feynman was right about turbulence.

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