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royanddoreen 07-07-2010 10:32 PM

best mpg guage?
I have a 95 dodge ram.How do I guage my mileage since scanguage is for 96 and newer cars.I've searched and maybe a vacum guage is all that's avaliable.I don;t want to be filling up that big tank pulling around all that fuel.I am thinking weight reduction is my first weapon since alot of my driving is around town ,stop and go.Love to hear some ideas.

bestclimb 07-08-2010 01:33 AM

welcome aboard, the mpguino is a good one for that ventage of vehicle. The weight of a full tank for your ram is likely about 120 lbs (i duno killos you can do the math) A very small % of your total vehicle weight. Using some mild hypermile techniques may help more than making more fuel stops, slow earlier to avoid stops and use the brake peddle less.

By filling your tank all the way each time you can track your mileage tank to tank.

Consider a smaller car for when you don't need the truck as a truck. If you can half your fuel consumption by using a small cheep car it can easily pay for it self in less than a year. For example if you get 20 mpg now (I bet it is a little less) and get a car that gets 40 mpg and you are spending 120 a week on fuel now. Now you will be spending only 60 a week on fuel. Means that you will be saving 60 per week times 52 weeks a year is $3120. Find an early to mid 90s econo box for $1000 license insure the thing and you still have a decent chunk left over.

royanddoreen 08-24-2011 09:10 PM

Hey Bestclimd! I did get that small car a nissan 350z and I'm easily getting more than twice the mileage. It hurt to hear you tell me to get a car but now the truck is gone I sure can compute in my mind how much I'm saving and probably doing more going then usual. Thanks Roy!!

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