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kach22i 10-16-2020 09:56 AM

Body Work - Plugging Trim Holes
I have a 1977 Porsche 911 targa that about 6 years ago I used that tootsie roll like steel stick and JB Weld to plug up some holes in the rear aluminum bumper.

Holes varied in size from 1/4" on small trim to 1/2" for bumperette posts.

Car has sat for the last 5 years, getting it on the road soon after doing a lot of brake related things.

The heat the air-cooled rear engine gives off perhaps makes this situation unique.

Overall I say the epoxy method works but is less than perfect. I can no longer tell where the holes were but it's just a gray primer on now, distortions may show up on a finish coat.

I have other modifications I want to do to the bumper, much more ambitious, so I have been looking at products specifically made for aluminum.

They cost about 10x's more but cheaper than welding.

Has anyone worked with something like the below before?

To what end?

Devcon 10610 Aluminum Putty 1 lb.

Hy-Poxy Systems, Inc.

I want to work with the bumper on the car, hence I'm shy about welding. Welding/brazing is a skill set and tool set I lack plus I'm on a budget. This is NOT a rust removal project or sheet metal project.

Looking for cold solutions better than bondo because future project will require strength, sticking power and act as small gap filler.

Must be heat resistant, the two products listed have HVAC and engine applications listed.

freebeard 10-16-2020 12:14 PM

No experience with those epoxy solutions.

Why not remove the bumper?

I was at a swap meet at the Portland Stockyards decades ago, where I saw a demonstration of aluminum welding (with a product I don't recall whether it was a paste or a rod). He was using a torch (w/o Oxygen). I suspect a heat lamp on the bumper and a butane lighter/torch could be enough.

Here's a potential product:

Originally Posted by DDG Aluminum Soldering Paste Welding Metal Jewelry ...
This is a new tube of aluminum solder paste A great new method for soldering aluminum This paste melts at only 395 degreesF far below the melting point of aluminum or any other metal The tube contains 7.1 grams Related products from Our Brands Page 1 of 1 Page 1 of 1.

kach22i 10-17-2020 09:37 AM

Thanks Freebeard, I kind of recall seeing something like that before.

I'm just feeling out my options and alternatives and you gave me a new one.

freebeard 10-20-2020 02:19 AM

I don't know why but I watched this:

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