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Jim Allen 07-15-2008 12:24 PM

BSFC, Engine Load and TP
I have an Edge Evolution programmer on my 5.4L Ford. Among the engine parameters I can monitor on the display (any four at a time from the list below) are Engine Load and Throttle Position. Beside IMPG and AMPG, these might be my most useful parameters to monitor but it seems that I might be able to extrapolate some other data from Load and TP. I'm on the verge of getting my brain wrapped around this. A little help appreciated.

BTW, the full list of PIDs (Parameter I.D.s) includes: RPM, MPH, ECT (Engine Coolant Temp), EOT (Engine OIl Temp), TFT (Transmission Fluid Temp), CHT (Cylinder Head Temp), IAT (Intake Air Temp), LPD (fuel pressure spec'ed by PCM), AFRP (Actual Fuel Rail Pressure), OSS (Output Shaft Speed), TSS (Turbine Shaft Speed), MAF (Mass Air Flow), MAFV (Mass Airflow Voltage), VCAM (Variable Cam Timing), SPARK (Spark Advance), TQC (torque control, traction), Load (%), APP (Accelerator Pedal Position), BAT (battery voltage), IMPG (Instant MPG), AMPG, (Average MPG).

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