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bennelson 05-24-2018 09:24 AM

Build Your Own Electric Car video series FREE on YouTube!
Hi Everybody!

As you may recall, I converted a Geo Metro to electric back in 2008 and documented it here at Ecomodder.

Later, I made a How-To instructional DVD from it. At the time, there were no videos on how to build your own electric car, so I made one.

I've now converted that DVD and have posted it for anyone to freely view as a watchlist series on YouTube.

It's a little dated in that it covers DC motors and lead batteries, but I still think a person can learn plenty from it. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed working on the original project.

Here's a link to the playlist,

-Ben Nelson

oil pan 4 05-24-2018 12:06 PM

How do you get 300 mpg equivalent in an on road electric car?
With my leaf in the best I can do is around 200 to 260mpge in eco mode with the cruise control on at about 40mph and the leaf has regenerative braking.
Then as I increase speed from 40 to 70mph the mpge drops off down to around 130ish. Even if I could do 200mpge at 60 to 65mph I would be a happy camper. At 60mph I'm some where around 140 to 150mpge.

I added a tag. The most important tag. You do know you are one of the top 70 searches right?

bennelson 05-24-2018 01:08 PM comes from the first time I ever tested my DIY Electric Kawasaki motorcycle. That clocked in at 321 MPGe. So, I rounded DOWN to 300 for a nice easy to remember number. I also like how many people think of 30 MPG as pretty good fuel economy (hey, it's above average!) but 300MPG is 100 times better!

I don't really remember the specifics of fuel economy equivalent on the Metro. I think it was about 130 MPGe. Electric cars in general typically get a little over 100 MPGe, and can go much higher in city only driving, etc.

Feel free to tag away or otherwise share this post and/or playlist.

oil pan 4 05-24-2018 04:41 PM

Oh an electric bike. Makes perfect sense.

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