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MetroMPG 12-16-2007 11:50 PM

Bullfrog Power wind farm owner dumps his Insight for a Prius
I like that this guy walks the efficiency walk.

It's a blog post from the guy who owns one of the wind farms (currently 3 turbines and growing, with more going up at another location) that generate renewable power for Bullfrog Power customers in Ontario and Alberta.

His Insight, with sudden onset IMA troubles (his corner mechanic's diagnosis) and 280,000 on the clock, faced a 10 day wait for service at the nearest Honda dealership. So he bit the bullet and traded for a new Prius.


I looked at new cars. I need reliability. I demand fuel efficiency. I compared the Honda Civic hybrid with the Toyota Prius. The Civic costs about $500 less, but uses considerably more fuel, at least on the EPA ratings. [...] I chose the Prius, because my brother drives one and is very happy with it, and because of its fuel efficiency and track record.
It would be cool if more people would "demand efficiency".

And fitting that, being in the wind business, he bought the most aero production car available last time, and did the same thing again this time.

Generally an interesting blog. Sort of the same refreshing "corporate" transparency (if you can call a one-man operation corporate) using the nets that Tesla is doing.

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