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mpg_numbers_guy 09-24-2020 03:23 PM

California to ban selling new gas-powered cars by 2035

Other articles on the topic are only a DuckDuckGo search away.


First off I'm not sure how he can regulate something that will happen in the future, not even during his time in office.

Except for coastal California a lot of the population is spread out and range anxiety can be huge; plus it wouldn't be cost efficient for small hick towns to implement a giant charging station in the middle of nowhere - thinking more specifically of southeastern CA where there are multiple instances of "Gas, exit 180, next facilities 200 miles away".

But then again battery technology will probably have advanced quite far, with Honda working on fluoride-ion batteries and Tesla working on a much more robust battery chemistry.

I guess CA is tired of competing with AK and HI for the highest priced gasoline in the country?

redpoint5 09-24-2020 03:28 PM

My response on another forum;

... as I'm always saying, you know a politician is either corrupt or profoundly ignorant (or both) when they write a specific prescription for a broad problem. If you want to reduce fossil fuel consumption, you increase the tax on it. Cap and trade is a form of taxation, so that's also legit. You attack the problem at the fundamental level that it exists, not way downstream where layers of complexity develop, unforeseen consequences arise, administrative overhead explodes, and corruption vectors multiply.

Another person commented,

Newsom is not exactly trustworthy on this point. He's promoting this for political gains knowing he will never have to make good on it. His office has been receiving a lot of justified criticisms recently for the number of fracking permits they're issuing and for how cozy they've been with the fossil fuels industry. Basically, this is just posturing.
These idiots can get away with it because we're profoundly ignorant about most things. We're more concerned with our team winning than actually solving problems.

I don't care to get other news opinions about the topic because there's practically no chance they could have reasoned this out better than I already have (challenge to prove me wrong).

Where is the study showing the estimated cost this will have, the benefits, and the specific targeted goals? How many days will we have forestalled global warming by implementing this?

M_a_t_t 09-24-2020 04:27 PM

My initial thought(s) (political related thoughts aside):
1. prevents sale of new cars. If the average age of cars right now is 12 years then unless gas stations just become non-existent then there will be older gas cars until ~2047.

2. You can probably transfer your out of state gasoline car into California.

redpoint5 09-24-2020 04:33 PM

There will be some exception for pickups (or other loophole that wasn't considered). Everyone will trade in their CUVs for pickups and Hummers. This thing is a disaster in the waiting. I'd flee the state while property values are still high. Distributed work along with the nonsense laws and taxes CA is passing is going to collapse the real estate market and money will hemorrhage from the state.

oil pan 4 09-24-2020 05:12 PM

The fossil fuels industry has money.
Fracking is good. Fracking got us all that natural gas, you know natural gas that is allowing all those coal plants to be shut down.
In new mexico the the oil and gas industry accounts for about 1/7 of the state budget. Stopping them would be stupid.

freebeard 09-24-2020 07:08 PM

Hahahaha! Ho. LOL [my sides] Hahahahaha.

It's like the Paris Climate Accord. It will happen faster than that.

The good news is that the aftermarket for parts is guaranteed, and EV conversion of anything that doesn't deserver to die.

JSH 09-24-2020 11:36 PM

This is talk without force of law. Meanwhile the CARB ZEV mandate is law and has been adopted by 14 other states. Likewise the CARB heavy duty truck ZEV mandate is also law.

Piotrsko 09-25-2020 10:40 AM

I agree. Weird being out in the middle of nowhere NV and seeing a fleet of local road equipment with Cali idle emission compliant stickers on the hood

JSH 09-25-2020 05:21 PM


Originally Posted by Piotrsko (Post 631882)
I agree. Weird being out in the middle of nowhere NV and seeing a fleet of local road equipment with Cali idle emission compliant stickers on the hood

There is no difference between the actual trucks besides the sticker. (At least for our vehicles)

The most likely explanation for seeing stickers in Nevada is that the fleet was purchased at a California dealership or they are a private company contracted out of California.

Nevada just announced they are adopting CARB emission and ZEV standards. Washington, New Mexico, Minnesota, and Colorado are in the process. If those states do end up joining CARB more vehicles will be regulated under CARB rules emission rules than EPA rules.

freebeard 09-25-2020 06:33 PM

I'm just glad we have an accelerationist* leading the industry rather than flogging it from behind.

*hint. Initials are E. M.

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