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sameb 04-11-2017 01:43 AM

cam and crank sensors wanted
I have a 2001 Civic DX. I'm trying to advance the timing by using a piggy back computer I'm making with an Arduino Due. The Due will read the crank and cam signals and effectively advance the base timing, then the ECU will apply its maps. I'm trying to get more mpg out of E85.

To make a nice connection I need to cut up one each of the cam and crank position sensors. I just need the connector so if you have some non-functional ones laying in your shop let me know. I'm going to use these for the female connection

Honda misc sensor, ignition coil, tdc, crank, knock, map connector pigtail acura | eBay

Gideon33W 04-11-2017 02:03 PM

D17a1 correct? Lemme poke around. You could also check prices on

I like the idea but it might be more value to source a D17a6 lean burn. Actually, you might be able to bolt on the head and use the VTEC-E ecu to your D17a1.

Ultimately, E85 has lower energy density so you end up using a lot more fuel (25% on average) to achieve proper AFRs. The power boost from the higher relative octane rating wont result in much that translates to economy. Especially not in that motor.

You'll see better gains by bumping the compression. The D17a1 is 9.5:1 vs the D17a2 (vtec from the EX) and the D17a6 (vtec-e from theHX) at 9.9:1. The higher relative octane detonation fighting powers of e85 is far more handy with a higher CR to take advantage of it. Serious MPG and power gains could be had by cracking open your motor and going with a rod/piston combo getting you around 10.5:1.

Sorry, just kind of free thinking on the topic, haha.

sameb 04-11-2017 09:04 PM

Thanks for the interest. I'd love to build a high compression engine, but doing the piggy back computer seems like an appropriate intermediate step, especially since it's my commuter car.

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