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jago25_98 01-09-2011 01:56 PM

Charge times sorted by battery swap service?
I reckon everything we need is already there to use electric vehicles.

What stops a guy at home offering a standard 12v battery swap service in order to avoid charge times. That could be all over the country in days and the network on Google maps by a community run site in days too.


the devil's in the details.

How do we assess battery health?

I started a thread here because I need to read up more on batteries:
Assessing 12v battery health

A few early findings:

- you need to agree on a standard battery type really to keep it simple. Or at least be in the same ballpark. The easier it is to see what is being traded the more likely it will be traded, like gold.

- batteries need to be easier to inspect. Can this be done correctly purely by electronics? i.e. how would you measure the battery performance under load before accepting a battery if it's already discharged?

- access to individual cells would be handy

- being able to pull the electrodes out and inspect them would be handy too

- sealed batteries prevent testing the water pH. Keep that pH steady and you're getting longer lasting batteries

- if this become popular there would be a problem for the national grid, but if we kept it quiet and amongst friends there could be a period similar to what we had with SVO where it could work

But certainly, if you already have someone you trust, and whom trusts you on the route of the journey you want to make, there's nothing stopping you doing this already.

Comments and thoughts?

gone-ot 01-09-2011 03:52 PM

...ever try to replace the single battery in your car?

...just imagine having to do that about 10 or 20 times over!

jago25_98 01-09-2011 04:15 PM


Originally Posted by Old Tele man (Post 214038)
...ever try to replace the single battery in your car?

...just imagine having to do that about 10 or 20 times over!

A good point...
but I think one that is fixable.

For a start you could route all the battery connectors into one plug, then you're only having to plug one battery in.

And in terms of physically having to haul these things around...
well you could just put it on wheels.

Both of these things could be done with the battery trailer device written about on here. Another plus for that idea.

Ryland 01-09-2011 05:51 PM

6v golf cart batteries are one of the most popular home built electric vehicle battery, they are also the most popular for factory built electric cars that use lead acid, a T105 golf cart battery weighs around 67 pounds each, my car takes 8 of them, alot of the trucks that are out there have 20 or so of them, takes me about 2 hours to swap batteries on my electric car, if I had quick connect plugs I'm sure I could cut that down to an hour or less.
To make this idea practical you would want a battery monitor that monitors each battery in the pack, something that would log voltage drop and charge and time spent discharged, basically all the things that shorten battery life, every time you swap a battery download and reset the stored info.
You can also get pretty accurate battery testers that will test a charged or discharged battery that work like a load tester but much more accurate.

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