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botsapper 10-18-2019 02:07 AM

Chinese Tesla Model 3 aero wheels
A Tesla Youtuber snagged a Chinese only market 'Power Sports' 19" aerodynamic wheels. The integrated aero cap flush to the rim was the lightest design approach and satisfies the optimization goals. Tesla VP of engineering said that Tesla Model 3ís aero caps can increase efficiency by ~10% better than the bigger non-aero 19" wheels. It is also only 0.8 heavier than the standard 18" wheels @ 49 lbs.

The next Model S and Model X will have the 19" aero wheel option.

litesong 10-18-2019 03:27 AM


Originally Posted by botsapper (Post 609676)
....Chinese Tesla Model 3 aero wheels....

Probably named Telsa......

kach22i 10-18-2019 11:31 AM

How excited am I supposed to be?

Tesla has been working on a new aero wheel option for Model S and the design has leaked in a new software update.

In a recent software update, Tesla added the option for owners to change their wheel configuration from the in-car software.

Now if an owner decides to change the wheels on their Model 3 from the 18″ aero wheels to the 19″ Sports wheels, they can simply go into their vehicle settings for the change to be reflected in the software.

It’s also the case for Tesla’s Model S and Model X.

After receiving the latest software update (2019.32.2.2), Model S owner Blake Quinn tried this new feature and he found a brand new and unannounced wheel configuration for the Model S.

He sent a few pictures of the new “Tesla 19″ Sonic Silver Tempest” aero wheels to Electrek:
Cool stuff, don't mean to sound jaded.

NeilBlanchard 10-18-2019 12:20 PM

They are not as obvious, so that may mean that more people will use them? Which would be a good thing.

freebeard 10-18-2019 05:34 PM

I was confused by the 'with and without the caps part, so I looked here:

My friends lost a hubcap on their Prius and it turns out there is a black powdered coated ten-spoke underneath. I suggested they take the other three off, but they won't do that (or replace the missing one :confused:)

If you have the performance brakes your options are limited, but an 18" wheel and high profile tires makes some sense.

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