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bennelson 11-14-2010 11:08 AM

Citicar Map
Hello everyone!

Owners of Citicars and CommutaCars have a Yahoo Group.

One of the guys on there created a map feature, so we can all see where everyone's C-Car is.

If you have a C-Car and are not already a member of the group, please join so that you can add your car to the map. This way, owners of Citicars can more easily find each other. I think this map will also influence where future CitiCar conventions are held. (I know there are a bunch more Citicars in Wisconsin.... Might make an MREA Citicar meet possible....)

The group can be found at:
C-Car : A support group for owners of Citicar, Comutacar, and Comutavan electric vehicles.

The map feature is at:

I'm not sure if you have to be a logged in user or not to go straight to the map page.

If you have a C-Car and are NOT interested in joining the group, please private message me. We still want to find out how many Citicars are out there and add them to our list of "Known Existing" vehicles.

Nevyn 11-15-2010 02:14 PM

I'd love to see if there is one near me, to maybe talk to the owner. However, I can't see the map. :(

bennelson 11-15-2010 06:17 PM

Nevyn, there's one in
Uwchland PA 19480
Is that anywhere near you?

If so, I could private message you some info about it.

Ryland 11-15-2010 10:51 PM

I added my self, Ryan (on here with the Yellow Commuti-car) was not on the map yet, nor is a guy in greenbay that I know of.

TomEV 11-15-2010 11:06 PM

There are about six C-Cars in the Bay Area - so far only two on the map... Getting some of the info for Peter's C-Car roster is slow as well. Perhaps once more people see it, they'll add their info.

I could add all the cars on the roster (basic info - car type and location) and have the owner 'claim' the car. I originally did that with the Google map, but didn't get farther than the 20 or so cars in California - too much work!

bennelson 11-15-2010 11:26 PM

I figure it just takes a little "nudge" to get folks onto the map.

I know of a couple more Citicars in southern Wisconsin that I will try to get listed.

Nevyn 11-17-2010 02:52 PM

Ben - That's actually about 3.5 hours away from me. Little bit far. :) Such is life. I can tell you there's one in the "America On Wheels" Auto Museum in 18103, that's about it.

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