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Crispy 05-11-2015 11:45 AM

Civic VX Parts
First off, I know I have no posts and if this is violating forum rules I apologize, I searched briefly and didnt find any rules about for sale threads and post counts. I bought a VX with the intentions of ecomodding it but I ended up going a different route shortly after. I will post pictures of all the parts with my username and date as verification that I have the pieces. Parts are listed as OBO + shipping except for the package deal. All parts are brand new unless otherwise noted.

Distributor cap and spark plug wires (used - mileage unknown) - $10.00
Gates TCKWP223 timing belt kit - $50.00
Gates 21605 Lower radiator hose - $9.00
Gates 21404 Upper radiator hose - $7.00
Gates K040310 Alternator belt - $10.00
Stant 45878 Thermostat - $5.00

Take everything for $80.00 or $90 shipped via PayPal to the lower 48

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