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379Kcivic 04-08-2011 01:44 PM

Civic VX pricing
Hello everyone! Great site.

I am considering buying a '93 Civic VX. With gas prices hovering at or near $4/gal and surely rising from there, this model is number one on my list. Question; What is a reasonable purchase price? Interior near perfect, Exterior pretty good with only hood paint fading and moderate honda wheel well rust. New shocks, fresh tuneup and everything is in working order. 200K miles!!! $3400!!! Is this reasonable? Thanks. Backup plan is a 95-97 Toyota Tercel

War_Wagon 04-08-2011 04:16 PM

Seems a little high to me, but what are "normal" Civics in similar condition worth in your area? There was a '93 VX for sale here a while back, it had 220,000 kms, had a new o2 sensor (they are pricey on the VX's), lots of other recent Honda dealer installed parts, some rust in the back and generally crappy paint. The guy wanted $2200 for it. But when I figured out the mileage difference between my wagon and the VX, and the amount I drive, I decided that it would take a long time for the VX to pay for itself in fuel savings. You might want to do a similar comparison with a Tercel and a VX, to see if it's worth the extra expense.

Ryland 04-08-2011 05:12 PM

That price seems way to high for me, for over $3,000 it shouldn't have any rust and should have nice paint! I'm on my 2nd vx, my old one I bought on Ebay for $1,200 with 200,000 miles and 4 years later sold with 250,000 miles on it to a friend for $1,300 and bought another one without a speck of rust for $1,100 because it needed an o2 sensor and a muffler so $400 spent on repairs and I haven't had a single issue with it in the last two years.
If I were you I would try to talk them down in price, or if you don't need a back seat look for a Honda Insight, they are starting to drop in price.
Rust is what will kill a VX that and ricer teenagers who do engine swaps, the engine on a VX turns slow enough that 300,000+ miles and the car should still be alive, everything else is pretty cheap to replace so I don't tend to care about alot of miles.

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