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bgd73 06-18-2009 10:41 PM

clunker reward for outdated planes?
Now there is a thought...
all tf33 707s would be done. p3 orion? goodby vibrating plane, goodbye, I wouldn't miss you flying over my city. Keep one or two for crazy pilots and eyes of bush senior seems to be a daredevil lately.. :D
Seriously, just now, twice a touch and go, or retarded sortie..whatever it thinks its doing for america... .. a p3 over downtown bangor maine. the quiet city at night, especially now with fuel. (This place is dramatic like that) .. what is rubbing it but a p3 dildo plane at 1030 pm....carbon spewing to the bad engines and ridiculous design, I don't even need to look. I bet the aircrew drive evos on earth and think its a rally car... :confused:
before jumping on me in this noncontent thread, I am a former military aviation mechanic...

I wonder what else out there aside from a b52, and the stealth and the b2 and...would have to fall for the incentive to stay out of the skies...either for insanity or consumption.

Christ 06-18-2009 10:44 PM

There's a potential "Clunker Law" for vehicles... haven't heard anything about planes though.

Both of my Vehicles are 1 year outside the "Clunker Law"'s target vehicles. Funny.

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