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Roe 06-22-2011 05:50 PM

Command strips for attaching mods?
Has anyone ever tried, or at least thought of, using command strips to attach coroplast to their car?

If you're unfamiliar with command strips, they're usually used for hanging things on a wall, and attach to the wall and an object with sticky glue. The advantage is that you can remove the object from the wall if you like. They also have a tab for easy removal. You may have seen this on TV.

I was thinking they may work very well for certain mods - specifically, a coroplast underbelly. You could buy or fabricate a piece of coroplast big enough to cover your car's underbelly (except by the exhaust) and simply cover everything, and remove it whenever you would want or need to. It could potentially (but probably less likely) work for rear wheel skirts as well.

It would work beautifully - if it sticks. Has anyone tried it or anything like it?

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