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jackbauer 04-13-2012 11:42 AM

Constant Current Load
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Just thought I'd share a little junkbox project. Having been doing battery testing recently I've been looking at electronic loads. Sadly , in the power rating required , they are out of my price range. Looking on the internet I found some designs but they are little mosfet based circuits of a few amps capacity.

So I decided to try and scale one design up using a 150A IGBT and a 100W 0R1 resistor I had lying around. Mounted them to a heatsink and fan and used a bench psu to provide gate voltage. To my surprise it works quite well. Now just have to put together a little op-amp circuit to make it truly constant current. Running at 32A discharging a 4s4p headway 16ah pack today with no problems.

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