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Seraph 03-15-2010 08:51 AM

Converting to E85
Hey guys,

So i'm currently in my university's motorsport team and we're converting a CBR600RR Engine to use E85 for the Formula SAE competition for 2010. I'm on the fuel system and i'm just wondering about any insight, help or sites/companies where i can find fuel filters, pumps and regulators for E85 would be much appreciated.

I'm not exactly sure about the flow rates we need, my powertrain team leader did some calculations but he's not 100% sure and he feels its a bit iffy, but what he calculated was around 9.06g/s or around 30L/hour.

Anyway i hope you guys can help me in my endeavour :)

gone-ot 03-15-2010 10:57 AM

...start by looking at A/F-ratio requirements for 100% ethanol.

...the addition of 15% "real" dino-juice gasoline is the proverbial "...drop in the bucket..." because it's main purpose is for easier cold-weather starting.

...also, which OEM car manufacturer is your program associated with? Ask them what the "mapping" is for E85 at wide-open-throttle (ie: racing) that should pretty much answer your question.

Allch Chcar 03-25-2010 06:08 PM

CBR600RR, is that a bike? So it's carbed right? Good luck with finding off the shelf parts, more than likely you'll just have to cherry pick. Avoid steel parts, lines, tanks without coating and choose plastic/polymer/synthetic material for parts exposed to fuel. Plastics don't conduct electricity and they don't corrode like steel so they'll last much longer in an ethanol fueled vehicle.

The Stoich A/F values for E85 is approx 9:1 you can expect around 42% increased requirement for fuel under similar Lambda values. For WOT you can enrichen the mix further than gasoline but similar ratios just uprated 42% more fuel is what I'd call safe.

We don't use L/hr we use cc for Imports and lb/hr for Domestics. so I can only guess that you're thinking about 52lbs/hr.

rmay635703 03-25-2010 09:15 PM

LoL besides replacing non-ethanol compatible plastic and rubber all that is needed is either an air restriction (choke) or a larger jet or both.

Playing with jets will get you there.

Check out many there have done what you want on different motors.

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