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MetroMPG 03-02-2010 12:16 PM

Craig Vetter asks Honda to bring the CBR125R to the US
Noticed on Craig's site that he's taken a liking to Honda's 125cc bike as a possible platform for his evolving streamliner project:


Honda's 13 horsepower CBR125: The best machine to begin again with?

Honda doesn't sell them in the US. I guess they think we don't want them. I will ask my friends at Honda to make it available here. You never know... sometimes they say yes. Look at what the FIM did about my streamlining requests.
(from: Freedom Machine - Fuel Economy -Chap 31 )


There is not much more I can do since the Helix with 17 hp has too much power. I would like to start over but no 14 hp running gear is available in the US. I am still searching. The Honda CBR 125 is not sold in the US and is probably not licenseable in California. I have requested that Honda sell them in the US.
(from Freedom Machine - Fuel Economy -Chap 32 )

I might suggest that any US members interested in this bike contact Honda or Craig (he's a member here, or through his web site) and pass on your wishes.

Good luck Craig!

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tasdrouille 03-02-2010 12:43 PM

It should be noted that the CBR125R is available in Canada. So Honda already has a foot in the door.

Daox 03-02-2010 01:04 PM

Mr Vetter needs to feed that engine some EGR! :)

thatguitarguy 03-02-2010 02:05 PM


Originally Posted by tasdrouille (Post 163858)
It should be noted that the CBR125R is available in Canada. So Honda already has a foot in the door.

The problem in the USA might be that most things coming from Japan will be coming into California, and if it can't be sold in California then they might not even let it land there. Anyway, the American public usually wants "bigger, faster".

It really doesn't look like Craig's design wants to be based on the CBR, but on the platform he already has with a different powerplant that might be from the CBR125R.

theycallmeebryan 03-02-2010 04:02 PM

Advantages of the CBR 125R to Craig Vetter:

-Single cylinder SOHC 125cc engine with fuel injection; fine tuning made easy, makes turbo charging easier if he desides he needs more power than 13hp.
-Larger tires (more readily available replacements, and better speed stability)
-Chain and sprocket setup (so he can change gearing easily! +++).

Disadvantages of the CBR125R for Craig Vetter.

-Very little flexibility to make the seat like a recumbant.
-Thus, High frontal area (same thing i am facing with my ninja 250.)

If craig vetter could take the honda SH125i body and frame and put the cbr125r engine and transmission and wheels onto it, he'd be golden. He'd have the flexibility of designing a proper recumbant seating arrangement, as well as flexibility with the gearing situation.

Frank Lee 03-02-2010 04:09 PM

My long-time dream has been to start with a Super Cub 50 and make a recumbent streamliner shell for it similar to the Dutch bike. No frame alterations needed! And it got several hundred mpgs to begin with! :eek: But it wouldn't meet Vetter's criteria for highway legality; it would have to stay on secondary roads and streets.

MetroMPG 03-02-2010 04:13 PM

As was pointed out in this thread - - Kawasaki currently offers a 125cc bike in the US, the Eliminator.

Eliminator® 125

I emailed Craig to ask if he knew about it:


Thanks, Darin: They are available in the US. The older ones have 6 speeds which I think are better. The seat is low. They are cheap. Probably the next best choice.

Still have to figure out how to get the heat out of the engine.



Feel free to post my reply on ecomodder
There's no HP rating given on Kawasaki's site, but I bet it's similar to the Honda. As a "cruiser" style, it's probably tuned to be torquier lower down in the RPM band, which would actually be better for a geared up high MPG streamliner, I'd bet.

theycallmeebryan 03-02-2010 04:59 PM

If only they had offered the eliminator 125 a couple years ago, i could buy a used one for cheaper. :o

I agree metrompg, the eliminator would be a great candidate. Craigs concerns about the air cooled engine in a streamlined fairing are definately valid.

beatr911 03-02-2010 05:19 PM

Craig has been in contact with someone here that is making alternate gears for his scooter. While not a complete solution, it should push him closer to his goal.

The Suzuki GZ250 as well as the above Eliminator appear to have great potential. Already low seat height, 16" wheels, changeable sprockets, wide spaced gearing, cheap used prices, been making them many years, still make 'em so parts are available, can even be lowered!

I'm 6'1" and had one to fix and resell. It was suprisingly comfortable but just screams for some wind blocking body or windshield to make it comfortable at freeway speeds. A pretty competent entry level bike!

I think 250cc is a good size. Passing power with great aero should be better than most cars and people like that in a motorcycle. With appropriate gearing, mileage should be really good too.

I see a day when aero kits for small cruiser bikes become available for: Honda Rebel 250/450, VTX600, GZ125/250, Eliminator 250, Chinese cruisers, pretty much any bike with a seat height of 24" or less. Length could be adapted to the wheelbase of the bike.

beatr911 03-02-2010 05:28 PM

Yeah, cooling is a good point. Back before the ban on dustbin fairings they only had air cooling on race bikes so we know it can work for a commuter. Seems some rudimentary air management forcing any air movement through the fairing to pass close to the engine would provide sufficient cooling, especially for a 125 or 250.

Utilizing the minor pressure and vacuum sources in front of and behind the engine like John Britten did should provide additional cooling resources. This is a soveable problem.

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