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Johnny Mullet 07-14-2008 10:48 AM

So some of us enjoy searching for our favorite cars and parts and other items, but searching the entire nation or region you are in could take forever! Nobody has time for all that, so why not use the free program called "CraigsPal" and save some time on your searching!

Download the free version here............ - Search Craigslist - Free Craigslist Reader - Craigslist Multi-city Search Tool - Automated CraigsList notifier - Craigslist global search engine

roflwaffle 07-14-2008 03:52 PM

You can do the same thing w/ websec, mail sorting, and command line mail stuff. Por gratis! :)

Edit-Speaking of which, does the pay version have an option where it'll only show you new content?

Johnny Mullet 07-14-2008 09:22 PM

I am not sure. I use the free version myself.

skyl4rk 07-15-2008 03:54 PM works pretty good too.

millenniumtree 07-15-2008 11:12 PM

Another vote for crazedlist. I love that site!

jerry 07-18-2008 12:20 PM

CraigsPal, is my favorite,

There is nothing else that can save me this much time. Thank god someone found the proper way to search Craigslist.

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