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SVOboy 12-04-2007 03:51 PM

[CRXMPG FAQ] SuperMID and 1990 Toyota Truck
Recently got this question on, my site:


I am looking for instrumentation of measure current mpg for a 1990 Toyota truck (1-ton pickup with EFI V-6). Read your post on the SuperMid and wondering if it would be applicable. As a Prius owner really getting hooked on the instantaneous feedback and would really like to get as much "scangauge-like" functionality into my hobby vehicle.

Any info will be appreciated.

Thanks for the question,
If you have EFI, it's likely possible that you can use the superMID with the truck. However, there may be an issue with the size of the injectors as the range is limited (I believe) within the MID's programming. Also, is this TBI or individual injectors? If you have some more information I would gladly pass on your information/invite Yoshi here to comment on your question.

Thanks again!

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