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Chonk_Master 04-14-2020 02:20 AM

Cutting Springs from Eaton

What say the hive mind about Eaton's guide? I'm thinking of finding junkyard springs from an Accord to cut and try out on my Crosstour.

Finding lowering springs has been quite the affair with this vehicle.

Frank Lee 04-14-2020 09:55 AM

I found and cut springs from a scrap car, just in case I wanted to go back to stock. That was... oh... 20 years ago? Pleased with the mod.

According to Eaton, I did not do it the right way. My springs have tangential seats. I knew I didn't want to heat them but how else would they seat if they weren't flattened? So I compressed the last coil in a bench vise and heated as sparingly as I could just the spot that needed to twist to make it flat. No issues!

me and my metro 04-14-2020 12:05 PM

I lowered the back of my Saturn L200 one complete coil. I also removed some of the snubber. I did have to install adjustable lower control arms and get a complete alignment. The front is at factory height due to the struts being almost too long from the factory. There is very little travel left and is on the snubbers on big dips. I am considering a set of Saturn Ion front struts because they are shorter. Just have not got there yet.

Ecky 04-14-2020 05:25 PM

Mine are flat on the bottom and wrap around posts on the top.

I went with stiffer springs that kept stock ride height. When I removed weight from the rear of my car, I had to remove a third of a coil to bring them back down to stock height. I did this at the top, where it wouldn't change how they seat. No issues.

My car is already pretty low, and personally I won't go much lower than stock. I already scrape getting out of my driveway sometimes, and bottom out on the snow in the center of the lanes during winter. More than once I've gotten into situations where I've lifted all 4 wheels off the ground.

A small cut goes a deceptively long way.

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