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aerohead 03-14-2020 03:42 PM

Cybertruck CFD : Boats and Engines
At YouTube,under 'Cybertruck aerodynamics',Boats and Engines was kind enough to share an introductory 2D and 3D CFD analysis of a Cybertruck model.He wasn't able to get the virtual model into ground reflection,which he admits will affect the measured values,and Cd varies with velocity,between 40-mph,and 88-mph,which would not occur in the real world.Also,fine body details could not be analyzed,which would affect drag,however the viewer does get a pick-and-shovel look at the Tesla's performance.
Boats and Engines reports that analysis of other vehicles returned Cd values higher than officially reported,and appeared to be impressed by Cybertruck's trending downwards towards Cd 0.30 @ 88-mph.Evidently,many passenger car shapes he tested could not produce drag coefficients represented by Cybertruck.And no pickups analyzed could approach it.
The video is only 5:52-minutes in length and packs in a lot of information in the limited time frame.:thumbup:

freebeard 03-15-2020 05:21 PM

This one was easier to find,:

Sorted by upload date there are three videos, all from 3 months ago.

aerohead 03-18-2020 12:53 PM

3 months

Originally Posted by freebeard (Post 619078)
This one was easier to find,:

Sorted by upload date there are three videos, all from 3 months ago.

We would have done something sooner,but it took me over 16-weeks to generate materials AeroStealth could use in a rebuttal to and Engineering Explained.There would have been no point in even bringing up the subject without images.
I would have appreciated if the 'experts' had actually offered a measured defense for their criticism of Cybertruck.I've failed to arrive at the conclusions they've made,and would like an explanation as to how they could possibly attribute a coefficient of aerodynamic drag as high as Cd 0.47-0.48.Hucho provides enough empirical data from which to pooh-pooh such pessimistic predictions.I've found it to be structurally impossible.

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