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listentozappa 08-12-2012 06:23 PM

D15Z1 AFR Gauge?
Hello all,

I recently completed a D15Z1 swap into my 1990 CRX DX. I'm already loving the 50+ mpgs, but I know I could be doing a lot better with some instrumentation. In addition to a vacuum gauge for monitoring engine load, I would like to install an air/fuel ratio gauge to monitor lean burn, but I'm unsure what type/brand to buy. Does anyone have experience installing an AFR gauge in a Civic VX? I know that the Z1 uses a wide-band LAF sensor - does this mean that only a wide-band gauge will read accurately? If so does anyone know where I can get one that doesn't come with an included o2 sensor? I don't really want to spend the extra $$ for something I already have.


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