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lurch 04-14-2009 11:27 PM

DC motor brush seating drag racing GO JUICE
Hi I'm a newbie and have tried to read all the posts. But I have a question sorry if already posted) I had a thought, When I was 14 I was a slot car racer and there was some liquid stuff called GO-Juice in a bottle all the guys with money to burn put on their brushes. What I saw was Incredible speed increase and less brush Arcing.

I looked it up today and their are what is called "comm drops" its incredibly expensive ($5.50 a 1/4 oz) but may solve some problems some EVers are having. Basically that is; Arcing losses and low power. I have no interest in this other than learning and sharing.

The stuff is called "Voodoo Black Death Comm Drops". It must melt your brushes but brushes are cheap. I guess...

Here is the web site;

Please share your thoughts for brush burn in and milage. Thanks abunch. Lurch...

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