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theycallmeebryan 07-18-2009 11:47 AM

DesignFoil : For all your visual foil needs!
DreeseCODE Software, LLC

This is probably the best free (demo) aerodynamic program i have come across, and its only 40$ or so to buy the full thing. It allows you to create your own fairing shapes. It simulates a virtual wind tunnel and gives you a bunch of information about your shape at various speeds. :thumbup:

I came across this on my current adventure to come up with the best possible slippery fairing for my ninja 250 (will start on it this winter). I figured that the fairing would be 10 feet long with a thickness of 20% chord. Given this, i found that the best fairing was a NACA 67-020 (try it in the program).

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